I did fairly well with getting the correct answers to the homework. I think that kids would have a 'hard' time adding to the patterns because of the consents. If you make it into a person and separate the bottom two tiles into legs it makes the pattern easier to understand. If I were to use tiles to do this assignment I would make the 4 tiles on the bottom (the legs) and the three tiles going up (neck, head) all the same color while the ones I added on different colored. Just like we did in class. It helps a lot to see that pattern. Doing these homework questions I had to draw out the figures on paper. In class we use the tiles and the combo between the tiles and getting to draw the figure makes it so much easier. 
For the perimeter question I think that students would be able to see the pattern after counting around the four figures. Once the see the pattern they would be able to punch it into an equation much like I was able to do.
10/7/2012 05:55:12

2 - I am glad that you chose to draw out the figures to help you work on the assignment.


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